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Company Overview

Founded: 2023

Airspace began intending to relieve the pressure of industry demands and the encompassing mental health stigma. Building on that foundation, we have started to branch out and are positioned for whatever the future may hold.


My mission is to help provide more balance for current and aspiring aviation professionals and remind us why we love what we do.


My vision is to continue to grow this brand and network with fellow aviation enthusiasts. There is no specific end goal - I am in it for the ride.

About the Founder


Dave M.

I initially did not want to include much about myself. Not for privacy issues, but generally this whole platform is not about me. However, I soon realized I would miss out on establishing credibility by holding back.

Currently, I work in Airport Operations at a small-hub airport in the New York City area. However, my love for aviation dates back to growing up in the shadow of Worcester Regional Airport in Worcester, MA. I have been immersed in the aviation community for as long as I can remember, and now it feels like time to start giving back.


Our Goals

Aviation Insight
First and foremost, this is an aviation blog. However, many from other industries may be able to relate in one way or another, which is my goal. I thought of this while studying for my M.B.A. - how much of my coursework is dedicated to individuals with other jobs, particularly finance. In terms of specific insight, you will find constructive insight into different careers, travel experiences, and even my hobby of aviation photography. It would be hard to provide much of a "news" platform with my work schedule, but I would like to contribute to this at some point in the future.

Mental Health
As an individual who can never fly a Boeing 737 with ADHD, I have been bothered about how stigmatized the aviation industry is for a long time. I know other individuals in the industry who really struggle with this, and it breaks my heart. Something has to be done, but this is out of my control. In the meantime, I hope to provide more insight into psychology moving forward, which I have started with insight into different outlets. I plan on expanding to more psychology content in the future.

Leadership Development
Being good at your job is only part of the puzzle. There is a distinct difference between being a manager and being a leader. My goal is to help develop a mindset that will maximize your team in their professional and personal lives. We are only here for a short time, and riding employees until they collapse is no way to live. By investing in your team, you will find that your job will be easier to manage, and you will find you will grow as an individual, as well.

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