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Back On Radar

You may have noticed the past couple of months have been quiet. I have been in the middle of significant life changes that have consumed my time. I knew it would not be easy, but I had no idea it would be this hard. That said, I am once again feeling a sense of normalcy and, little by little, restoring things that make me happy.

After all, that is what it is all about. I created this blog for many reasons, one of them being to assist providing mental health sustainability. If you could not tell, I was not entirely happy with my previous work situation. It has improved virtually every aspect since my move, and I am grateful for my decision. Like anything in life, things change, and we must evolve. While Westchester provided me with some of my brightest days, it also threw me into a tailspin I still find myself recovering from.

Professionally, this was a straightforward decision and a clear move forward in my career. I am now managing a team and am excited to be the leader I always hoped to be. However, unbeknownst to most, I made the move because I knew I could not continue on my path of self-destruction. I was starting to give up one by one. I stopped running, stopped socializing, and ultimately stopped caring about myself. This pattern continued far longer than I would like to admit, and it got to the point where it was hard to hide from those around me.

Of course, this is not to cast blame or make excuses about my previous experience. Things changed rather rapidly, and I failed to adapt, to no one's fault but my own. I do not mean this in the self-destructive way I am known for. Instead, I am accepting my reality and choosing to move forward. A change of scenery is sometimes the best first step for us, yet we usually have no way of knowing it at the time.

So, here I am. I am still the same old Dave, just putting the pieces back together (again). Those on Instagram have noticed I have returned to posting some of my photos. It is an extension of the blog, a simple way of sharing a piece of me. I take pictures to capture a moment of joy in my career, the same way that viewing photos online opened my eyes to the world of aviation many years ago. It means more than you know.

Anyone who knows me will tell you I am historically against social media. I have no personal accounts and had to bite my teeth to create outlets to share this blog with people close to me. After some time, I recognized I was evolving into an improved version of myself. Social media is only detrimental if you allow it to be. I have a feed of almost exclusively good vibes, particularly dogs.

Time to Adapt

Survival of the fittest, right? (I had been trying to hold off quoting Charles Darwin for some time. Pretty anticlimactic). As I evolve, so will this blog. I don't know what it will look like yet, but it will likely be a hybrid between a personal blog, aviation, and the health/development material I had been enjoying so much before.

The next step will be re-establishing my podcast, Quick! No One's Looking. I might miss this more than the writing! Talking with my friends was precisely what I imagined, and the social aspect was a lifeline when I most needed it. The issue now is the complexity of lining up schedules and doing them remotely. However, I look for any reason to travel, and I would love to make a trip to make an episode with some friends I last saw some time ago.

As for my long-term goals, not much has changed there. While I hope to end up back in New York City, I recognize that if there is anything I can learn from my life journey so far, I can make a home no matter where I go. For most of my life, I imagined I would be in Boston for the rest of my life, a far cry from how it has played out thus far. I also did not like traveling and did not care to be anywhere else. My, have things changed.

So, I am not thinking that far - it will do me no good. I am concentrating on making Albany the place where I begin to put my life back together (again). At the same time I start writing, I will also begin to build back my exercise routine. I will travel as time goes on, albeit definitely not at the pace I was at in 2023. Things are about to get real with student loans, and I must prepare to overcome that obstacle before doing anything else.

What's New This Time Around?

Unquestionably, all the hard work I have thrown away bothers me the most about my situation. I was running over 10 miles and felt as healthy as ever. Previously an average student, I maintained almost a 4.0 at a renowned school with a rigorous M.B.A. program that I never fathomed being accepted to in the first place. I thought that, as far as that goes, all my troubles were behind me. While this thought was peaceful at the moment, it was also very naive.

Safe to say, I am humbled. But, knowing how it can change in what felt like the blink of an eye, I need to make sustainable changes that will stand the test of time - good and bad. For example, I have long wanted to eat healthy but have yet to invest energy into learning the ropes. Likely, this is why I avoid cooking any chance I get! That has to change, too.

The magic word here is discipline. In retrospect, discipline is the personality trait that I have struggled with the most. It was not until recently that I read people with ADHD constantly battle undiscipline and impulsivity - duh! Well, I am certainly no exception. Most of my predicaments stem from undiscipline, which always carries consequences. Now, it's time to address the problem at its root finally.

That's about it for now. Thanks for sticking around! Below are a few photos from my time here in Albany so far.

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