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Broadening the Horizon

So far, the support for what I want to do here has been tremendous, so thank you first and foremost. I have been brainstorming more ideas as I do not want to limit my focus solely on happiness. The mental component of working in the public sector, particularly aviation, reminds me a lot of the mental aspect of playing baseball.

What makes this particularly challenging and exciting is that it is not something that can be taught - it must be learned. There is no right or wrong way to build the proper mindset. It comes with time and practice, and even then, the development has no end. But one thing is sure; there is no such thing as too much information.

In addition to being a plane nerd, I am also a book nerd, and over the past three years or so, I have invested much of my time reading books on the subject. If you are looking for outlets, I strongly suggest you consider reading. I also know many people who enjoy audiobooks - I do not prefer them. There are countless books on mindset and leadership, some that I honestly could not put down.

I am also on the tail end of my M.B.A. in Management and have been assigned so much reading material I find helpful and applicable to our field that I would love to share. For this reason alone, I highly suggest considering a general M.B.A. if you are exploring post-grad studies in aviation. It is powerful and applicable to more than just your professional career!

Some examples of additional topics I hope to cover:

  • Team building.

  • Managing people.

  • Leading change.

  • Work-life balance.

  • Much more I can probably think of with caffeine in me.

So, please reach out if you would like to contribute to a topic or would like to see something specifically covered. And, as always, thank you for your time :)

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