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Meet Herbie

This concept actually predates the blog. When I first started coming up with ideas, I thought about how cool it would be to have a “Good Vibes” sun wearing a pair of aviators and a pilot mustache. It was not until I played around with some simple digital design tools that I accidentally made the concept a reality, knocking another item off my checklist.

This is not replacing anything - simply, it will coexist with my “Heartful” logo. I was so excited about stumbling upon this design that I spent most of yesterday trying to conjure up a name. It took me all day, but then it finally dawned on me - Herbie. Most of you already know why and have rolled your eyes.

For those who didn't, Herb Kelleher is one of the most influential figures in aviation history. His resilience through Southwest's early days kept the airline alive, creating a foundation for its current status as the fourth-largest airline in the United States. Further, his leadership style is one that people from various industries can draw from. We should all have a little Herb inside of us.

I do not have any more concepts in the pipeline, which is for the best. Simple is always better.

Why am I so excited?

It's more than just the new logo. So far, you have all been so lovely and supportive, which I am incredibly grateful for. This blog is for us, after all. Take, for example, the podcast. I wasn't expecting much after the first episode - these things take time to settle in. However, the feedback was tremendous. So many people took the time to listen, and just as many reached out to come on and talk aviation! I should have another episode this week.

The direction gives me a lot to look forward to. I am having a blast writing (who woulda thought?), and recording the podcast was a thrill. The list of topics to talk about grows by the day. You'll notice the pace will slow down a little - this is on purpose to start stretching the content. Since it is just myself managing things, I would like to backlog some material so that way I'm never catching up, which reduces stress and keeps things light. I have about ten posts ready to go!

Stay tuned!
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