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Phase II: Podcast Coming Soon!

When I launched the website platform in the Spring, part of the idea was to jump into podcasting at some point down the road (runway?). I spoke previously about how positively influential podcasts have been to my mental health, and I felt this was a good way for me to continue giving back. Trying to concentrate on one thing at a time, the launch was intended to be after I found my footing as a blog. About a month ago, after some very kind words from many people, the website felt squared away. Now, time for Phase II.


For the better part of the last month, I had spent time thinking of a witty name. The Airspace Podcast was a good working title to generate some interest. In the meantime, I had a few ideas I was toying with. However, none ended up being the final title, “Quick. No One's Looking.” Like all of the best things in life, this one just popped into my head - and it is here to stay.

The obvious question is why I chose not to skew toward aviation - primarily the topic of my website and parent branding, and it will generally be the podcast's theme, as well. Well, good question. I have never been the type of person to paint myself into a corner, and this is no different. I have thoughts about guests and topics that expand past our industry. I figure it is easier to have a podcast that talks about aviation than to explain why my aviation podcast is not talking about aviation. I believe that is called versatility!

Talking Points

While preparing for my best man speech last month (congratulations Andrew and Sarah!), I realized the most authentic material comes when you have a broad idea of what you want to talk about and then speak from the heart. That is essentially how I approach job interviews and presentations for class, both of which are facets I have seen considerable improvement. For episodes, there will maybe be one or two points we may or may not get to, but two things are for sure - it will be exciting and entertaining. Expect it to be mostly aviation, health, and everything in between, just like my blog. But do not be surprised by the randomness.


I have a rather impressive list of people lined up to join occasionally, each with much to bring to the table. The guests will be a combination of individuals close to me with similar stories and willing to put up with me for an hour or so. One, in particular, I would love to give an anonymous shout-out to. He and I have collaborated on many ideas to give back to the aviation community, and he will be the primary guest on the podcast (schedule permitting, as he now flies widebody aircraft for a major carrier). You know who you are!

When can we expect it?

All I can say is very soon! The first episode or two will be recorded this weekend if all goes as planned. From there, I have to figure out how in Lord's name to process it in podcast format. The plan is to use all standard podcast outlets - YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music, etc. Thus, I have to make sure I can check all those boxes! I have no idea how long each episode will be, but a ballpark idea is somewhere between 30-60 mins to start.

Stay tuned, and keep an eye out!

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