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Site Update: New Photos Section!

I figured it was worth mentioning that I just finished some housekeeping on the site I have been working on over the past several days. I may do a little more tidying up, but in large part, the work is complete.

Noticeable changes to Airspace:
  • The Podcast has its own page and a quick access section on the landing site.

  • Introducing a new section dedicated to my aviation photography. You can access many of my recent photos from the navigation menu on the top right.

  • If you like my photos, there is an option to subscribe to just those posts.

As you have read, planespotting has long been a hobby of mine. My interest in aviation was sparked by websites such as and, where I learned about the many different aircraft I did not see daily. Lately, it has piqued my interest, and I now plan to bring my camera with me on many of my travels. It would be a pleasure to share some of my “art” with those who may be interested. After all, that is the point of this site to share a part of myself.

Some of my work:

I love the A220.

I love Dreamliners.

I love 737s...

...a lot...

...even the MAX.

Okay, I guess I am a lover of all planes!

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