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The Floor is Yours

I appreciate the kind words from many of you regarding my writing over the broad range of topics I have covered since its launch. I had no idea writing would be therapeutic in so many ways, and I enjoy sharing a piece of myself with whoever chooses to stop through. Further, it lets my family know I am alive because I am the worst at returning text messages.

Thus, I would like to extend my platform to anyone who would like to share a piece of their journey, whether anonymous or not. This is not limited to strictly those who work in the aviation industry. Many complexities exist in other fields that we can apply to our world, and often, it is best to hear that we are not alone in our experiences of adversity and overcoming stressors.

This idea has much to do with my interactions during my Master's curriculum at Fordham University. When I started, I imagined I would be the outlier around "finance bros" and some of the country's best marketing prospects. Interestingly, I was right, but for the wrong reason. To my surprise, so many people were fascinated by what I do and discovered that it is not all that different from their professional experiences. I am grateful for the many wonderful people I have grown close with as a result.

Another interaction particularly resonated with me. At an AAAE conference in Philadelphia, I spent much time with a well-respected consulting firm known for its high-quality product and the positive energy it emanates throughout its culture. I spoke with one person who even told me that once a month, one person is selected to present a short PowerPoint to the entire team on a topic about anything unrelated to airports or engineering. It is an office staple and an enjoyable experience that makes people step a little outside of their comfort zone, particularly those just beginning to learn public speaking.

In more than one way, it reminds me of 3M's 15% policy or Google's enthusiastic support in promoting employees to use its resources to explore their imagination. It helps break the monotony that quickly creeps into our daily work routine. Most importantly, it allows employees a lifeline to the ever-changing world outside work while still on the clock. No, I am not telling you to write a piece for my blog during downtime at work. I would never do such a thing...

So, to answer the immediate question of "what should I write," the answer is that it can be about anything you choose. Do not think of it as your one and only post - feel free to come back if there is more you'd like to talk about!

Just off the top of my head, some interesting topics come to mind:
  • Your career path and professional journey.

  • Something that brings joy to your life.

  • How you maintain a work/life balance.

  • Your proudest accomplishment to date.

  • A dream dinner guest and what you would talk about.

  • That dog you saw on the way to work.

  • Aliens.

  • A musical artist that is special to you.

  • Paranormal experiences.

  • Which Rocky movie is the best.

I'm not one for restrictions. However, I do have one bugaboo - no controversial topics. I support anyone for a cause they are passionate about, regardless of how I feel. We must fight for what we believe in, and many platforms exist to make your voice heard. But this is not it.

I just want to extend this to anyone interested now or later. So, if you are interested, give me a shout. I will happily provide further guidance if you like, but there will be no timelines, bibliographies, MLA/APA/FAA, etc. I'll take care of the proofreading and even send you a picture of my dog as a reward.

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