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Two New Vibes

Expanding the Palate

I'm not sure why I used that analogy, either. When I set up the website a month ago, WiX gave me five colors for my theme. I filled the first three in immediately. However, the last two initially escaped me and have just sat around...until today. Being a Cancer, I wanted the last two to have a little meaning. It must be a full moon because a simple concept randomly dawned on me today. I liked the last two to be slightly different (similar to how JetBlue randomly worked in lime green a while back). So, without further ado, I introduce Colors 4 and 5:

Canyon Blue

Photo: Evan Dougherty via

What else did you expect? Canyon Blue is the distinct "blue" that looks purple on many older Southwest Airlines aircraft. I would also go as far as to say that this was the first color I remembered with a creative name attached to it. Of course, I will try to ensure my Canyon Blue content does not fade the same way.

Sun Country Orange

Photo: Your's truly.

The Canyon Blue serves as a nice compliment to the other shades of blue already in use. The same cannot be said for this variation of burnt orange. Taken directly from the logo, this shade is the taste of bold I was looking for.

You probably know what these two airlines mean to me by now. The two colors will not be blatantly noticeable; I just wanted to add a little variety before my brand starts growing. I don't expect to be the next Amazon, but I am enjoying this little venture and expect it to build into something tangible gradually. Some other housekeeping items of note:

  • Now that I have a baseline of content built up, you will likely see the pace slow down a little. Just know I am always, in one way or another, working on something.

  • The Weekly Roundups will now become Month in Reviews. Posting weekly seemed like more of a task on the audience than on me, and I did not want one out of every four posts to be recapped.

That's about it for now! Thank you again for staying tuned in :)

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